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Empowering Indigenous Youth, One Punch at a Time.

We Are Team 700

Empowering Indigenous Youth, One Punch at a Time.

We Are Team 700

Team 700 is a family. It is a space in which Indigenous youth can attain tools that they need to successfully navigate life.

Welcome to Team 700, British Columbia’s first competitive Indigenous youth boxing team. Our journey began as a shared vision between founder and coach, Ivy and the Nanaimo Indigenous Youth Advisory Council.


Why Team 700? The name holds deep meaning for us. It represents the approximate number of youths who age out of government care each year in BC, a staggering statistic that now stands closer to 1,000. With many of our initial athletes having firsthand experience in government care, this number resonates with us on a profound level. It symbolizes our collective journey and inspires us to create positive change.

At Team 700, we prioritize Indigenous youth who have lived government care experience. We provide a safe space—a family—where they can find support, guidance, and the tools they need to navigate life successfully.

Boxing serves as more than just a sport; it becomes an outlet for self-expression and a catalyst for personal growth. Within the ring and beyond, we aim to exemplify Indigenous excellence and inspire greatness.

“Team 700 and boxing helps me realize how beyond my limits can be and how hard I’m able to push through them.”

Boxing Gloves

To support Team 700 or learn more about our initiative, please contact us. We welcome any inquiries or contributions, as every act of support brings us one step closer to our shared vision of empowerment.

Join us at Team 700 as we empower Indigenous youth, one punch at a time.

Ivy Richardson Coaching a Team 700 Member

Team 700 Values

  • Ownership

    No excuses, be accountable.

  • Hard Work

    If you have more, you give more.

  • Consistency

    Show up, every day.

  • Focus

    Purpose driven.

  • Respect

    Respect all, but fear no one.

  • Trust

    Trust in our abilities, our coaches, and team.

  • Persistence

    Don’t quit.

  • Courage

    Courage in all that we do.

  • Love

    Love for ourselves, our friends, and our community.

Coaches Ivy Richardson and Aubrey Morrow

Meet Our Coaches

Ivy Richardson • Coach

Yo, nugwa’a̱m Ivy Richardson. Ivy (she/her) is Gusgimukw and Nuxalk from her matrilineal line and Irish, Scottish, and English from her patrilineal line. As the founder of the Red Girl Rising Movement Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to wellness through movement, Ivy has been instrumental in creating positive community change. She also spearheads Team 700, British Columbia’s first Indigenous youth boxing team, fostering strength and growth among the next generation. Additionally, Ivy has recently taken on the role of co-owner and coach of Nanaimo Boxing club and proudly represents lululemon as an ambassador.

With a competitive boxing background and a commitment to education and her community, Ivy draws upon her diverse experiences to shape her role as a community builder. Recognizing the transformative power of movement, she endeavors to establish a community centered on the principles of “living every day like a ceremony.” Ivy is dedicated to offering accessible, safe, and empowering movement initiatives to individuals and communities that uplift and amplify their inner strength.

Aubrey Morrow • Coach

Aubrey Morrow (he/him) is of Norwegian and Irish ancestry. Aubrey currently resides on Snuneymuxw territories where he works doing new home finishing and also is the competitive head coach for Team 700. Additionally, Aubrey has recently taken on the role of co-owner and coach of Nanaimo Boxing Club.

Aubrey brings many gifts to his work including more than 16 years of boxing experience and his impressive competitive boxing background. Aubrey is a well accomplished athlete with an undefeated record as an amateur boxer, later turning pro and achieving an 80% knockout rate. Aubrey’s unwavering dedication lies in supporting and empowering athletes of all ages and stages to reach their fullest potential. With a genuine commitment to their growth and development, he strives to provide the necessary tools and guidance to help them become the best versions of themselves. Aubrey’s passion for nurturing talent is evident in his tireless efforts to ensure that each individual under his guidance receives the support and resources needed to excel in their athletic journey.