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Strength in Culture, Success in Unity.

Meet Our Fighters

Strength in Culture, Success in Unity.

Meet Our Fighters

“Team 700 is a family. It’s where I feel safe.”

Team 700 is a space in which Indigenous youth can attain tools that they need to successfully navigate life. It is a safe space, an outlet, and above all it is a space where Indigenous youth can aspire to greatness, inside and outside of the ring.

To learn more about each of our amazing fighters, please click on a team members’ photo.

Trent Jack

‘ een’ thupe SUL‘LATHALUK

Hi my name is Trent Jack, I am very honoured and very proud to be on Team 700.

I’m a former youth in care, I’ve been boxing for over 4 years, I have had 4 amateur fights in British Columbia.

I have also been a part of Team 700 since day one, boxing has had a positive impact on my life, boxing keeps me out of trouble and keeps me strong & healthy.

Team 700 has not only provided a safe place for me to train, but Team 700 also creates awareness on an ongoing issue in B.C.

Team 700 creates awareness on how much Youth age out of care in British Columbia, which I’m very proud to be a part of.

I want at risk youth like me to find something that motivates them to do better and achieve sobriety and get off of the streets.

Codi Bob

sxwumulxw’alh nu’sne’ Codi bob .

swumitum’a’lh nu’ sne’
Tun’i’ tsun ‘utl Snaw-naw-as ‘i’ Tseshaht
Thi’qwum ch ‘i’ Ihexunt la”lummu thu’ mukw
‘¡ utunna Kweyul ” thunna tsIhxwulumuxw
tsitulh si’em
Hay’ tseep ‘qa

Hollister Nelson-King

Yaw smatmcn sta Slicxwliqw.

I live as a visitor on traditional territory of Snuneymuxw Nation and am a member of Nuxalk Nation.

I am a student at VIU as well as proud member of team 700.

Margo Recalma

ʔukłaas Margo Recalma.

My mother comes from Hesquiaht, my father comes from Qualicum, and my grandmother comes from Nam’gis First Nation.

I am sixteen years old and I am going into eleventh grade. My favourite subjects are English, Social Studies and Music.

As I grow older, it’s more and more important to me to connect with culture and my communities.

I had the amazing opportunity to play basketball with my cousins for Hesquiaht Storm, at this year’s Junior All Native on Snuneymuxw territories.

I started boxing this year (2023). From my first day, I was obsessed, and I aspire to go as far as I can with it.

Walter Fred

Uktaasis Nuu-Nuu-chuus (he/him)

Walter’s mom’s side is from Port Alberni (TSESHAHT) and dad’s is Ucluelet First Nation and he is a Team 700 athlete.

Walter has been an athlete since he was in the fifth grade playing basketball which he played all the way into 12th grade.

Halfway through the 12th grade the pandemic hit and was unable to play basketball. But then discovered a competitive boxing team called Team 700. He then began a new path from basketball to boxing and now has been with the team for around 2 years now.

Walter is now graduated from high school and working fully time at a boatyard company and training for competitions on Team 700.

Rosie Meers-Thorne

Hello, I’m Rosie Meers-Thorne (she/her), a 16-year-old from Stz’uminus First Nation.

Currently in high school, I’m eagerly anticipating my graduation next year. Alongside my studies, I am looking to pursue a job as a lifeguard.

As I look towards the future, I’m also exploring various post-secondary education options to further expand my horizons.

In 2023, I proudly joined Team 700, embracing the world of boxing.

With this newfound commitment, my goals extend beyond the ring. I strive to cultivate a healthier lifestyle than ever before, making conscious choices that contribute to my well-being.

As I navigate this exciting chapter of my life, I am determined to make the best decisions possible, both in and out of the boxing arena.

Xander Wadhams

Yo, Nugwa’a̱m Xander Wadhams (he/him).

Xander is 16 years old, he was born and raised in Nanaimo, BC. He is Namgis and Mamalilikulla from his mother’s side, and Dzawada’enuxw and Kwikwasut’inuxw from his father’s side.

He is currently working as an Indigenous Justice worker and entering his final year at Wellington Secondary, he is hoping to pursue a career in Kinesiology after graduation.

Xander has been an athlete since he was 4 years old, playing soccer and hockey before finding his love and passion for boxing.

Xander has been a member of the all Indigenous youth boxing team, Team 700 for almost 4 years.

Xander’s experiences with school, work, and boxing have led him to be a creative, dedicated and hard-working person who is always seeking to grow as an athlete and a person.

Zack Gladstone

Hello, my name is Zack Gladstone. I am from Nanaimo BC, born and raised.

Currently I am 15 years old and participating in the Nanaimo Boxing Club.

Going here really helped push me, both physically and mentally in ways older sports haven’t. Being here makes me feel good, and safe, and I wish for others to feel that way as well.

Cashes Sutherland

Chuu naa taa ha itch Jonny uklaama cashes.

I am from Huu ay Aht First Nation; born and raised in Port Alberni; then I moved to Nanaimo in 2018. I have excelled since moving.

I am glad to be part of Team 700 and have been part of Team 700 for just over a year.

I am a student at Vancouver Island University. I am very proud of my journey here; it is one I never thought could be possible, but I am exceeding others and even my own expectations and self perceived limitations.

Keanu Johnson-Moon

yo! he’ma̱n dłiǥa̱mi kanulidzak.

I am a boxer with Team 700 and I have been training with this team for two years and counting.

I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned and experiences I’ve got to be apart of.

I’m also a father of one, it is my goal to work hard and become an exceeding boxer so I can pass the knowledge I’ve learned from the team to my son.

Team 700 Past Members

Past Team Members

We’d also like to acknowledge our past Team 700 athletes, who are always welcome to drop in and will always be part of our family:

  • Jordan White
  • Shyla Starrhorse
  • Dwyte Joe
  • Sheldon White
  • Nik Tamalin
  • Joseph Sam
  • Kiana Peter
  • Aiden Wuttenee
  • Sarah Patel
  • Kayle Speck
  • Jorja Johnson
  • Izeyah Johnson

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