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empower Indigenous youth to believe in themselves.

Get Involved

empower Indigenous youth to believe in themselves.

Get Involved

every act of support brings us one step closer to our shared vision of empowerment.

  • Make a difference and show your support for our Indigenous competitive boxing team by making an individual donation to Team 700 or by purchasing our branded apparel.

  • We are currently seeking sponsors who want to share our voice, our values, and vision for the future of Indigenous youth boxing. Let the realized potential of athletes speak for your brand while facilitating the life-changing power of sport for Indigenous youth.

What does my donation help to fund?

  • Somewhere to practice

  • Uniforms to wear

  • Boxing coaches to teach us

  • Strength coach to train us

  • Equipment to use

  • Team competitions

Rock Our Gear & Show Your Support

When you buy from us, 50% of the proceeds will directly benefit Team 700, helping them achieve their athletic goals. The remaining 50% will contribute to the Victor Hanuse Sport Grant, an initiative dedicated to providing Indigenous individuals in and from government care with opportunities to participate in sports.

By investing in our branded apparel, you are not only representing our team but also making a meaningful impact on the lives of Indigenous athletes. Your contribution will enable them to access the resources and support they need to excel in their sporting endeavours.

Together, we can create positive change and empower Indigenous communities through the transformative power of sport.